Mortgage rates – Compare mortgage rates to find the cheapest!

12 Nov

Mortgage rates should always be compared before taking a mortgage. Just as one should compare interest rates for other types of loans as well. However, one should not just stare blindly at interest rates. You should also compare the terms. If you need help with that, you should contact each lender for expert advice.

Taking a home loan is often a big deal and should not be delayed for a quarter. Asking for interest from as many lenders as possible, as the government suggests, BUT, beware that too many credit reports can apparently give a worse chance of getting a loan. At least that’s what you could read about in various forums of people who happened to be just this. So you should take that up with your lender, if, and why they do so.

Compare mortgage rates


Below you can see mortgage rates that each lender / bank has on their websites. However, we do not always have the opportunity to update as quickly as they do, so ALWAYS compare interest rates correctly.

We disclaim all responsibility for any factual error and misunderstanding that may arise from it. When we last updated the list is further down. However, there may also have been factual errors in obtaining the information at that time, so we also disclaim all responsibility for errors that may have arisen then.

Negotiate mortgage interest rates? How-to?

Negotiate mortgage interest rates? How-to?

There is a lot of money to be saved by negotiating the mortgage rate! But how do you do it smartest then? Well you use the cut rates! So what is it then? After 2015, the banks were forced to sign what their customers have for average interest rates simply. So you can always find out exactly what your bank has for the average interest rate. Totally free. You can also look at other banks and see if they have much better average interest rates.

You can see average interest rates according to how long the bonding time the customers have, so they are not just clumped together in one pile. It would give very misleading statistics. So our best advice for your mortgage loan negotiation is to figure out issues that you can address and take the average interest rate as a tool. When you look at what a bank has for interest on its mortgages, it is called interest rate. That is the starting price you can say.